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          University of Shanghai for Science and Technology and Suzhou H&L Instruments LLC. jointly build a joint laboratory. In line with the principle of "complementary advantages, resource sharing, sincere cooperation and common development", guided by the cooperation and innovation of production, teaching and research, aim to enhance the independent innovation ability and core competitiveness of enterprises in Suzhou H&L Instruments LLC., strengthen ties and cooperation, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in university, To promote the economic transformation and upgrading of Suzhou H&L Instruments LLC.

          Focusing on the technological innovation of Suzhou H&L Instruments LLC., relying on the scientific research team and discipline advantages of Shanghai University of Science and Technology, the construction of the joint laboratory is to carry out the interactive docking of talents between enterprises and schools with the main contents of joint organizing and carrying out technological research, transformation of achievements, construction of carriers and technical consultation,etc. and strive to implement cooperation in science and technology projects.