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          ABOUT H&L 


          Company Profile

          Suzhou H&L Instruments LLC. is located in Suzhou, the rich geographical center of the Yangtze River Delta. It is an optical precision measuring instrument company dedicated to the integration of optical, mechanical and electrical soft integration and system design. Founded in March 2009, H&L Instruments aims to industrialize the world's leading optical testing technology and lead the development trend of optical testing industry.

          The H&L Instrument Team has more than 30 years of research and engineering experience in the field of optical testing, and has completed more than 20 domestic and foreign research and engineering projects and products, including the development and application of ultra-high precision interferometers for detecting key components of the Earth Gravitational Wave Project (LIGO), special and industrialized state-owned major instruments and equipment.The H&L Instruments Team has decades of experience in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. It has visited, exchanged, consulted and trained hundreds of research institutes and enterprises throughout the United States, Germany, France, Spain, Australia, China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore. They include national laboratories, National Institutes of research, National Institutes of metrology, universities, precision machining, MEMS, biomedicine, semiconductor enterprises, data storage, and optical processing. There are hundreds of academic activities, seminars, reports and technical lectures. A large number of academic frontiers and market information are gathered, which lays a solid foundation for the selection of frontier high-end projects and products and their application in the future industry.

          Based on the modular design concept and decades of research and development experience, H&L Instruments has developed a digital high-precision laser interferometer module with independent intellectual property rights. On this basis, three types of interferometers have been formed, including stress-free planar interferometer, on-site high-efficiency spherical interferometer and general purpose interferometer. Flat interferometer can cover multi-aperture, with modular, high precision, high efficiency, 100% non-destructive, strong anti-interference performance and other characteristics. Since its inception, the company has made continuous technological progress, product updates, so far has more than twenty product iterations, instrument performance reached the international advanced level.


          Digital high-precision laser interferometer is mainly used to measure the surface shape error of high-precision machining. It solves the problem of applicability and practicability of existing similar instruments, and successfully applies it to metrological testing, industrial processing site and scientific research, and teaching instruments in Colleges and universities. At the same time, the semiconductor industry in chip detection, flat panel display in the plane detection, data storage, MEMS / NEMS industry in smooth element surface detection, nano thin material detection, LED chip preparation and other industries market.

          In the course of its development, H&L Instruments has continuously exchanged and cooperated with many scientific research institutes at home and abroad, such as the University of Arizona, University of Stuttgart, and University of Shanghai for Science and Technology. It has achieved long-term and effective development in project development, scientific research promotion, personnel training etc. It has made the design, production, maintenance, commissioning and engineering transformation capabilities rapidly improved, and the scale has been expanding.

          Nowadays, H&L Instruments Company pursues the belief of "enterprising, realistic, rigorous and united". It continuously develops and innovates, takes technology as the core, regards quality as life and customers as god, and wholeheartedly provides customers with the most cost-effective digital high-precision laser interferometer and its system application solutions.